Cornwall Dance Partnership

April 25, 2016

Cornwall Dance Partnership-
A new way of supporting creative dance in Cornwall’s schools 

In order for dance to thrive in Cornwall’s schools and wider community of children and young people, we realised that there needs to be a carefully planned, long-term development programme, driven by a clear strategy that has general sign-up across the education and dance sector in Cornwall.

Over the last year, Dance Republic 2 has been involved in a process of debate and consultation around dance for children and young people with Falmouth University, Cornwall Sports Partnership, KEAP, Hall for Cornwall, The Works and Headteachers and teachers from Cornwall schools, independent dance artists and dance teachers. This process began with a sandpit enquiry event at Falmouth University in November 2012 entitled ‘Would it matter if our children Stopped Dancing?’. This event featured presentations by the choreographer Siobhan Davies CBE, Professor Mick Waters, the former Director of Curriculum at QCA and Marie McCluskey MBE, Director of Swindon dance. This extraordinary day, attended by headteachers, teachers and dance professionals from all over Cornwall and beyond triggered fascinating discussion and debate, leading us to where we are now in the autumn of 2013, with the launch of the Cornwall Dance Partnership.

In brief, this is what we want to achieve:

I. To develop a confident and thriving dance culture in schools and wider communities for children and young people

II.  To ensure clear and accessible progression routes in dance for young people across Cornwall, from KS1 through to higher education and professional work.

III. To support wider community access for participation and performance into dance for children of all ages

IV. To create high quality CPD opportunities for non dance specialists and teachers across Cornwall in early years, primary and secondary school settings

V. To support a network of dance teachers, non specialist teachers and local professionals

This thinking process has revealed the need for clear partnerships in Cornwall to enable a positive and dynamic dance culture to be developed. Cornwall is home to some highly skilled dancers, dancemakers, choreographers and teachers- we want to ensure that these talented individuals spend more time working with our young people and teachers in schools, sharing their ideas and experience. We are indebted to the support by Pavilion Dance South West in getting the partnership up and running.

Over the coming years the partner organisations will be working closely together to offer a constantly evolving menu of inspirational dance opportunities to young people and schools.

For more details and future plans, contact us at Dance Republic 2.
The first Cornwall Dance partnership menu for 2014 is set out (here)

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