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Neptunalia – Cscape Dance at Trebah Gardens 2016

The tale of Neptune and Neleus told by Cscape for Trebah Gardens- part of SALT 2016

On a storm filled night when clouds were the colour of bad tempers, the briny sea separated Neptune from his son Neleus. But it’s been years… and today, something has washed up on the beach that is neither fish nor bird nor boat. It’s the morning of The Neptunalia Ball, but what or who has arrived?


Told through dance, story and installation, this is an odyssey of growing up and leaving home. Of prodigal sons and daughters, tattoo parlours, journeys and mysteries. Leaving home is a story we all relate to: to search out independence, to support ourselves, to be closer to work, family, the sea; to travel in the name of a better life.

All photographs by Steve Tanner

News & Press

Tom Jackson Greaves

‘one of the most mesmerising dance pieces I’ve seen in Cornwall – Neptunalia at Trebah’  L. Trewhela  – Cornwall Live


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