Propeller dance with NYDC and Yaa Appiah-Badu

July 27, 2018

In the May half term our Propeller dancers had the opportunity to work with either the National Youth Dance Company or with the dancer and choreographer Yaa Appiah-Badu (or both), to make new work for performance at the Eden Project as part of Space Time, last week.

See what they had to say below:

‘The whole thing was perfect and I want to do it again. The NYDC dancers and staff were so lovely and they stopped you feeling nervous which made you feel calmer and you could then dance much better. You learnt new dance techniques and movements I didn’t think I could do. It made me braver in my dancing and ending performance was just amazing’ From Effie 

‘The young people that taught us were really kind and helpful and were especially inspiring! I found some of the work a bit challenging but overall it was an amazing experience. I learnt new things and it was totally worth all the effort and I felt lucky to be involved!’ From Callum

‘The workshops were really creative and fun, the teachers are lovely & everyone enjoyed it!’ From Belle

‘It was so inspiring working alongside such incredible dancers! They stretched us and worked us hard and made the week extremely challenging. I learnt so many new things that I can take away from this experience. I loved it and would do it again and again!

Thank you so much for this opportunity, Propeller, NYDC and Yaa Appiah Badu.’ From Lilia 

‘I really enjoyed working with Yaa and exploring a new style of dance that took me out of my comfort zone

Working with some of the NYDC dancer was an incredible experience that I will never forget. It pushed me to try new things, even if I didn’t feel confident with it at the start

Performing at the Eden Project was so much fun. It’s so different from performing on a stage because the audience was all around us. It challenged me to find new ways to connect with the audience, even without looking at them.’ From Maddy


All photographs by Steve Tanner

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