Propeller Performance at AMATA January 2020

January 24, 2020

We are so proud of all our Propeller dancers for their performance  at our winter dance celebration at AMATA Falmouth University on January 17th 2020.

Dancers from our 4  Propeller groups perform at AMATA Falmouth University

Propeller Central worked with Simon Birch to devise and perform ‘Ghost’ ‘There they were, dignified, invisible, Moving without pressure, over the dead leaves” T.S. ELIOT. Devised and Performed by Propeller Central. Music credit:Yann Tiersen

Propeller East worked with Shelby Dover to make and perform ‘Growing Up Londinium‘ ‘A piece of dance based on Adrenaline. Dancers have used the music as a stimuli to work from in order to create various phrases that we have pieced together. This piece looks specifically at stamina with moments of suspension’

Propeller North worked with Suzie West to devise and perform ‘Dance Little Sister‘ ‘We have taken inspiration from Rooster (Christopher Bruce) and imagined a new chapter. Using spirals, social circles and swinging melodies as a starting point, these little sisters have been exploring playfulness, social cliques and smooth lines.’ Music credit: Rolling Stones

Propeller South with Grace Murdoch to devise and perform their piece ‘Propellor South have been exploring small group work, and playing with quality of dynamics within improvisation. Our piece uses the concept of 3D and layering images to create bigger pictures.’ Music credit: The Monkees & Public Service Broadcast

We would like to thank James at AMATA for hosting us again this year and the parents who support their young dancers, driving them around to sessions and coming to performances to celebrate their achievements, the dance leaders who provide excellent skill and creative choreography training in the weekly sessions… and of course a huge thank you and congratulations to all of our young dancers – you are AWESOME.

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